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Brief Introduction

Posted by poesynprose on 2006.07.11 at 08:02
Hi Everyone!

Since I'm new to the community, just thought I'd introduce myself a little more than the previous post did. :)

I'm Nicole and my two future stepkids are  8 and 9 years old. Kind of tough when they are only a year and a few months apart in age.

I admit that I'm very nervous when it comes to the whole stepparenting thing. At the moment, I don't live with them. However, that may change in the next few months because my fiance and I are looking at moving in together to save money for the wedding. we'd love to buy a house, but that's a different story.

My concern is the transition for me as well as the kids. As it is now, I ask them to do something (nicely) and they look at me like I have 2 heads.  I admit, this is partially my fiance's fault for never making them clean up after themselves, but I refuse  to become their maid.

Anyway, I'm hoping that through this community  I can gather ideas, and find the support I will need to stay sane with all the new changes in my life (and theirs) that will be coming up very soon. :)


The Harbinger of Death
devilgrrl at 2006-07-15 06:15 (UTC) (Link)
Welcome to the community. I suck (read: have a job) and haven't had a chance to keep up with the community, so sorry about the lateness.

I had a lot of the same issues with E when FH and I moved in together. We actually ended up going to couple's counseling for a lot of our stepfamily issues, so I totally understand your apprehension.

Hopefully we'll be a good fit for you here and you'll get lots of good advice from us.
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