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Posted by devilgrrl on 2006.06.21 at 18:33
It's very, very quiet in here. Does anyone want to promote us in other communities? I would, but I suck a lot and don't have as much time for LJ as it deserves.

And while I'm posting, oh my god, E is not making it to his next birthday if he doesn't knock it the hell off. He has a nasty case of the gimme-gimmes and was a rude little beast all week-end. He snatched money out of my grandma's had when she gave him a gift, my grandfather yelled at him for screwing around with his ice cream, he was mouthy, and he plain old sucked. Who swapped my kid out with a little monster? This was not the same kid we had last week-end.

On the cute side, we were talking about how he's going to wear a tux for the wedding. He nodded at me and said "I'm going to look just like James Bond, Sam. I'll be suave." I died.

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