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"Should Parents be Licensed? Debating the Issues"

Posted by llanberis on 2006.05.15 at 17:04
A really interesting article that someone on a different site posted:

We license plumbers and pilots -- why not parents?


The Harbinger of Death
devilgrrl at 2006-05-17 17:51 (UTC) (Link)
Wow... That's an interesting article. My kneejerk reaction was to be really offended, which is pretty impressive considering how hard I am to offend.

Having thought about it, I definitely think that licensing parents would be the government far overstepping its boundaries. I'm especially horrified by the idea of "vaccinating" children against fertility. This article also strikes me as very militantly zero population growth. It certainly doesn't take into account certain religious obligations towards having children (ie. Catholics not using birth control or Jews having to replace themselves with at least 2 children.)

I'd love to see more intensive sex ed in high schools, preferably with time spent taking care of actual babies and taking home the electronic babies. I think, though, once you're self sustaining, the government has no business to punish you for conception. There is a failsafe for people of have recklessly reproduced: DSS. I think the government should concentrate for more on funding and improving that rather than stepping in and becoming the pregnancy police.

This was an awesome, thought-provoking article and I'd love to write more if I didn't have to scoot for a job interview.
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